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Sans Souci Press began as a small lingering thought that with time and careful planning, the idea began to evolve into a dream which until just recently,  has become a wonderful reality.

In 2008, my wife Annessa and I both graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Where we also met. Made the move to the Bay Area shortly after where we lived a very fruitful, mystical, happy and extremely insightful 8 years with many great friends and family by our side.

As Graphic Designers, we tend to look for many opportunities to give ourselves a break from staring at a screen (just like the one you're staring at now). We're explorers wrapped in chaos in the hunt for more tactical forms design. For us, this means drawing, painting, writing, hand lettering, ceramics, and investing in a Vandercook Letterpress. Getting our hands dirty again. A distant leap from typing away pixels on an almost perfect, clean, minimalistic and Deter Rams-esque, keyboard. 

In 2018, Sans Souci Press was born and became our asylum for printmaking. We are a printmaking, design, and ceramic studio located in the heart of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. Mezcal is included. A space that is constantly evolving and creating with the help of artist and printmaker, the great Don Otilio "Chez" Marabel.

Enrique Barrios Creative Director

Enrique Barrios
Creative Director